Launch of Velvet Purrs In Paradise

It’s Live on Amazon!

Book 1 of the DYKKC BDSM Erotica Romance Series, Velvet Purrs In Paradise, has launched on Amazon Kindle stores worldwide.

Erotica E-book on Kindle

Available on Amazon Kindle

Well, it’s been a real slog a labor of love to get this book out to you all. I’ve learned more about html coding than I thought I wanted to know. I’m just happy that you now have a chance to read what I’ve been working on for so long. And the members of Devil You Know Kink Club™ are happy that they’ll have some new spectators for their sexy scenes.

After you’ve finished with this steamy romance, please head back to Amazon and post your honest review. If you would be so kind, please share a link with your friends. We writers love to know that people are actually reading our stuff, and word-of-mouth buzz puts food on our tables. I hope you have as much fun reading Velvet Purrs In Paradise as I’ve had writing it.

Leya Wolfgang

Free Chapters of Velvet Purrs In Paradise

Preview Book 1

If the video trailer of Velvet Purrs In Paradise got your attention, you’ll want to download the first two chapters for FREE, then sit back and enjoy.

Free ebook

Free Chapters

Meet Erin Piper, the shy librarian who jumps at the chance to live out her erotic fantasies at Devil You Know Kink Club™.  The opening scene of the book has Erin being tormented, in a very wicked and wonderful way by sexy Dom, The Saint.

Through a series of flashbacks, you’ll also learn how Erin ends up at DYKKC in the first place—that’s thanks to naughty lawyer, The Squire. You’ll also witness Erin’s introduction to Master Ronan, the Dom who looks very much like the devilish figure on the DYKKC logo. You’ll understand exactly why she wants her own membership to the club—she really wants to know those devils.

So, sign up for our Fan newsletter on the form in the sidebar, and you’ll immediately get access to the preview. It’s a bit longer than the preview on the Amazon site. Feel free to share the steamy goodness with your friends. Come back for the launch on October 27 and all the details on how to purchase this BDSM Erotica Romance full length novel.

Leya Wolfgang

May all your wickedest dreams come true!




Welcome to the Blog

Hello Readers,

I’m working on getting my first novel published and out to you.  It’s called Velvet Purrs In Paradise, and it is Book 1 in the DYKKC BDSM Erotica Romance Series.  What does DYKKC stand for?  Devil You Know Kink Club™.

Please be patient if you’re looking for information here. My goal is to have this site live on October 1, but that’s not set in stone.

In the meantime, please visit me over at That’s where all the action is these days. It’s an 18+ page, so you’ll have to be logged in to see the fun stuff.

Let’s chat soon.